It’s June on Cape Cod, which means that it’s time for people to start squawking a little louder about Piping Plovers. These small, sand-colored local residents have been nesting on our beaches for eons, but in modern times they have come into conflict with certain forms of human recreation, and as a result have become “fauna non grata” among some people. And for those us who work to monitor and protect these federally Threatened birds, this negative perception of plovers can make for some bad days at work. Most our public interactions around nesting plovers are positive, and most people are understanding and even appreciative of our efforts. But we also hear a good number of gripes. Some of the anti-plover rhetoric is a little puzzling. The typical beach on Cape Cod either has no nesting plovers and hence no restrictions, or, if there are plovers nesting in the area, there is some string fencing around parts of the upper beach to protect the nesting habitat. The average person, who
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