With the summer nesting season behind us, it’s the time when bird researchers turn their collective gaze upon bird migration, and the many mysteries it holds. Right here on Cape Cod, scientists are studying bird migration using a variety of methods, from the high tech and cutting edge to good, old-fashioned, 19 th century trapping and monitoring methods – and sometimes both at the same time. On Monday, Brad Winn and his team from the conservation organization known as Manomet were once again hanging suspiciously around the Lieutenant Island bridge in Wellfleet in hopes of trapping a Whimbrel. They had lines with small, monofilament nooses strung along creek banks to grab the toe of a unsuspecting Whimbrel. Their goal was to place a satellite transmitter on a juvenile bird to help unravel the mystery of their migration routes and wintering locations. Whimbrels are big, crazy looking sandpipers with a huge sickle of a bill. They are thick in the marshes of Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay
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